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Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection, Testing, Maintenance & Repair

As with any other system, routine maintenance is occasionally required to keep your sprinkler system in the best possible working order. Whether a broken sprinkler head requires replacement or there is an interruption to water flow, regular maintenance of your sprinkler system is conducted by our own highly certified technicians.

Featured Services

  • Perform main drain test
  •  Record static and residual water pressures
  • Test waterflow switches
  • Test all valve tamper switches
  • Exercise control valves
  • Check the system for defective sprinkler heads
  • Inspect sprinkler system piping
  • Inspect fire department connections
  •  Additional specialty systems tests are performed for dry and antifreeze systems

Fire Sprinkler System Repair

The Sprinklermatic inspection team also diagnoses your fire protection system during the inspection process. Any issues, malfunctions, or damaged parts will be noted during the inspection. If there are issues discovered during the your fire sprinkler system inspection, our team is always prepared to repair any part of the system that has been damaged. Call us at 954-327-3686 to discuss your fire sprinkler system inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair needs.