About Us

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Keeping Florida Safe Since 1987

Sprinklermatic is a non-union/open shop, state licensed, bonded and insured, Fire Sprinkler and Certified Alarm System Contractor. We have been doing business for over 35 years throughout Florida. We provide layout services, fabrication, installation, ongoing maintenance and inspections of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Our goal is to provide our clients with the very best service and most competitive pricing available.

Service Highlights

Flame Award
  • 420+ Full-Time Team Members
  • 72 Office Team Members
  • 16 Full-Time Designers
  • 21 Superintendents
  •  345+ Field Team Members
  •  (6) Locations Throughout Florida
  •  We are bondable – $20M Single Project $50M Aggregate, 1% bond Rate
  • State Licensed Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, & Electrical Contractors
  • Stand Alone Errors & Omissions for Design Services


Sam Rudolph

The Sprinklermatic team has over 600 years of executive, estimating and layout experience. This knowledge allows us to be diversified in the type of work we’re qualified and capable of performing. Since 1987, we have been creating, fabricating, installing and servicing fire protection systems in residential and commercial buildings of all sizes.


Sean Rosen

Sprinklermatic maintains a high-bond capacity ($20 Million Single and $50 Million Aggregate), with Travelers Insurance; an A+XV AM Rating with additional job references available upon request. We are very strong moving through this economy; as we have established untouched lines of credit, strong financials and a healthy backing.

Family First
Making Strides Against Cancer

The Sprinklermatic Culture

When you hear “family first” in the work place, it’s often cliché. At Sprinklermatic we make no bones about how we say it, “family first, right after Sprinklermatic.” Truth be told, the energy and effort that our team puts in everyday allows those moments good or bad to truly mean family first! With corporate commitments such as “Required First Day of School” and only hiring “good humans” the rest takes care of itself. We are forever grateful to have been mentored and trained to build this business in the same light that it started with humility, honor and a real “Family First” culture!