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5-Year Inspection


We provide comprehensive fire sprinkler system inspections including the NFPA-25 required 5-Year Inspection, testing and maintenance. 5-Year internal pipe inspections check for the presence of foreign objects as well as corrosion and evidence of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC).

NFPA-25 Guidelines For 5 Year Inspections

NFPA-25 requires an internal inspection of fire sprinkler system piping every five years. Of primary concern is the presence of foreign organic and inorganic material which can cause obstructions to pipe and fire sprinklers. Sprinklermatic Inspectors understand the importance of the NFPA-25 standard to avoid impaired system performance at the most critical moments during a fire.

Fire Sprinkler System Components & How They Relate

There are 4 types of fire sprinkler systems: wet, dry, pre-action and deluge systems. These system have several similar components that require 5 Year Fire Sprinkler System inspection, testing and maintenance.

  • Gauges
  •  Fire Sprinklers
  •  Private Service Water Main
  • Water Storage Tank
  • Mainline Strainer
  •  Valves
  • Obstruction Investigation
  • MIC (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion)

The 5-year fire sprinkler system inspection is important for the performance of your fire protection system. Sprinklermatic inspectors know the importance of the NFPA-25 standard. We also know how neglected components of a system can impair its performance. If a 5-year inspection is not performed correctly, it can cost loss of lives and property damage.