Robin Collier

Experience The Difference

We are world-class Life Safety Professionals. Skilled men and women who support our team, we embrace hard work. We find satisfaction in a job well done. We are leaders in our industry, we enjoy making a difference and saving lives. Our business is built on individual growth. We offer unique opportunities for success, including apprenticeships, ongoing training, mentoring, leadership training, and promoting from within.

Humble Beginnings

Our History

Since 1987, Sprinklermatic has been a fixture in the Florida market. We are born from the field, we embrace our heritage and working class roots. With branches throughout Florida, we are a small business, doing big business, keeping our business small enough so that we do not lose sight of who we are, or where we came from. Our success is simply doing what we said we would do. We are active, engaged, hard working, highly skilled people who make their living by physical labor.

Making Strides Against Cancer

The Culture

When you hear “family first” in the work place, it’s often cliché. At Sprinklermatic we make no bones about how we say it, “family first, right after Sprinklermatic” truth be told, the energy and effort that our team puts in everyday allows those moments good or bad to truly mean family first! With corporate commitments such as “required first day of School” and only hiring “good humans” the rest takes care of itself. We are forever grateful to have been mentored and trained to build this business in the same light that it started with humility, honor and a real “Family First” culture!