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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Make sure your portable fire extinguishers are ready for an emergency with best-in-class fire extinguisher installation services. Sprinklermatic offers fire extinguisher installation services in all types of occupancy buildings. Whether you have an office space, warehouse, or a daycare center we do it all.

Since a fire extinguisher could be the first line of defense, it is important to have the correct type, size, installation location spacing, and proper installation height to quickly and efficiently put out the fire before it gets out of control.

Fire Extinguisher Services

    • New Installation services
    • Hydrostatic testing of extinguisher cylinders
    • Inspections
    •  Annual fire extinguisher certifications
    • Fire extinguisher refill and recharge

Our Standard Is a Clean Installation

All our fire extinguisher installation instances follow the NFPA 10, state of Florida, local county, and city permitting requirements. Reduce your risk with scheduled fire extinguisher inspections and annual maintenance. Reduce the chances of injuries to employees and customers. Prevent damage to your facility. Avoid fines for not being in compliance with the fire code requirements.