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Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventer Installation

Sprinklermatic is one of the largest fire safety solutions provider in Florida. We are specialists in backflow preventer installation, testing and maintenance services. We service, install and inspect all sizes of fire backflow devices throughout Florida. We test and certify the installations.  Sprinklermatic is ready to service your fire backflow assembly.

Backflow Preventer Installation Services

  • New installations
  • Testing and repair of fire sprinkler Backflow Preventers
  • Regular scheduled inspections and maintenance
  • NFPA fire Backflow Inspection reports
  • Testing for building contractors for building permit certificate for occupancy

Protecting Potable Water Supplies from Cross Contamination

Most municipal codes require backflow prevention devices to protect the local water supply.  Backflow prevention is typically implemented at each cross-connection point within a plumbing system. We do this to prevent contaminated water from coming into contact with potable water.

Water can be contaminated with substances that are not healthy for human contact, such as feces, pesticides and hazardous materials like chemicals and fertilizers.

Backflow problems are typically created by forces that are beyond our control. A backflow prevention device is a key safety and health component of your business. Sprinklermatic is uniquely suited to ensure a correct backflow preventer installation. Contact us or schedule your backflow test today and rely on Sprinklermatic to help keep your property and water safe.

Fire Backflow Preventer Testing, Certification & Repair

Our inspection and maintenance team specializes in fire sprinkler systems for commercial buildings such as warehouses, offices and hotels, as well as residential properties like single-family homes, condos, apartment buildings and townhouses.

Our certified inspectors will test and certify commercial and residential backflow prevention devices. We will then make sure that the relevant municipality receives all the required documents demonstrating compliance with regulations. We certify and test cross-connection controls on all testable backflow devices and all backflow assemblies and RPZs.

Sprinklermatic University also provides a program of Continuing Education and Live training of Backflow Preventer Installation and Maintenance.