We Remember What You've Done For Us

The word “thank” comes from the Latin word tongēre. The root tong- means “think.” Loosely translated, the expression might read “I will remember what you have done for me.” And to that we can’t help but think back to where this all started and remember what our mentor George “Gene” Collier did for us, he instilled core values in us and taught us that the most important parts of this company were the team members and the clients, we would be nowhere without them. So, to the team regardless of seniority or position we say Thank you and we certainly will remember and honor what you do for us and our clients.
Robin Collier & Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien & Robin Collier

What you do every day keeps people safe in the scariest of moments and allows them to make it to safety and preserve their assets. You do this without fail consistently and for the last 33 years that commitment to consistency has allowed us to grow from the corner of a living room in Miami to now five locations in Florida servicing 51 counties. This organic growth cannot be done without solid roots in each community, you can often hear in our office “You can’t grow a tree without roots.”

As we have ventured out to new communities, we have been fortunate to find new team members that have a desire to honor their families, their team members and their clients by providing incredible service with honor and integrity, focusing on a purpose not a project. In allowing those local life safety experts to have the backdrop of Sprinklermatic University and the culture of Sprinklermatic, the team the client and community are stronger and safer together.  Thank you so very much for that!

Gene Collier
Gene Collier
Timothy O'Brien
Dale K.

We are repeatedly humbled by our continued client loyalty; they have over the years encouraged us to become better. Whether it was a safety training requirement or a different insurance policy, whether we liked it or not, it translated into us being a better company and better leaders.

Being in the fire sprinkler business is not glamorous, we don’t get the front page for lighting up the building, the amazing millwork or the glamorous finishes.


When we get the front page it means that what we do every day worked when it was supposed to, we honored our team and our client, we followed the codes and standards to insure that the lives and buildings we protect were more important than the recognition. However when we are recognized as being a top specialty contractor, we realize it has very little to do with us and much more to do with the team, and to that we say thank you. “We remember what you have done for us!”

–  Robin Collier & Timothy O’Brien

Sprinklermatic Office 2001
Sprinklermatic Office 2001
Sprinklermatic Headquarters 2019
Sprinklermatic Headquarters 2019

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