Honoring Women In Construction Every Week, Every Day, Every Hour

At Sprinklermatic, we believe that “Women in Construction” is more than something to celebrate for one week each year. In keeping with our family first culture and commitment to diversity, we are proud to celebrate and appreciate the women in the construction industry every week, every day and every hour.

Women in Construction Week (March 6th – March 10th) offers plenty for the whole industry to celebrate regardless of their gender.

Edna Resendez - Administrator (Fort Myers, FL)
Lauren Yofee - Pipe Fitter (Tampa, FL)

Just look around. 1.1 million women in the construction industry continue to make a difference, break barriers and clear the path for up-and-coming women leaders who have embraced a viable career path with expansive growth opportunity.

Sprinklermatic remains committed to the construction industry’s progress and we believe that a major part of that progress rests on ensuring that women are a growing and thriving part of the success of our industry.

Encouraging women to join the construction industry begins by celebrating the talent and hard-work of the women who play a critical role our operation. We do this by providing proof positive that being female is not a barrier to excelling in a construction career. We do this by recognizing and honoring the incredible women working in our industry – especially those who are willing to push the envelope in an evolving field. The women who take seats at our project tables encompass all levels of project management and execution.  

Crystal Addison - Office Manager (Jacksonville, FL)

The Blueprint of our success is shaped by the amazing women in our company and in our lives who we celebrate every day; not just one week a year.


Timothy J. O'Brien, Helper

Shani Roushar - Pre-Construction Coordinator (Davie, FL)

Sprinklermatic is a place where all people are welcome and all people are respected. We are fortunate to have team members from every walk of life contributing each day on jobsites and in offices, helping execute projects to meet client demands. These women are shining examples of how intuition, dedication and intelligence are shaping the construction industry. We would not be able to effectively deliver on our projects if it weren’t for the women who are not only part of the Sprinklermatic family, but also our women colleagues and partners in the industry.

The passion skills, perspective, and integrity of the women who contribute here have allowed us to grow into a thriving business year in and year out for 35 years. All across the state of Florida, the women of Sprinklermatic are true trailblazers bringing new perspectives and meaningful value to each and every every project. We say thank you, not just today, but every day, for not only making a positive difference at Sprinklermatic, but also for helping advance our customers and our industry.

Tracy Pine - Collections Clerk (Orlando, FL)
The Ladies of Davie - Sprinklermatic Headquarters - (Davie, FL)

Women In Construction Spotlights


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