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Having celebrated its 34-year anniversary earlier this year, the Sprinklermatic team knows that education is the key to success. Born from the field, George “Gene” Collier left behind the message that the future leaders of Sprinklermatic were to educate, lead, and inspire if they were to thrive in this ever-changing industry. That was made clear by how often he had his nose in any one of the code books. 

Robin Collier and Timothy O’Brien took that message very seriously as they developed the concept and now reality of Sprinklermatic University, a group of education and training facilities that are open to anyone who is spreading the word about fire protection, life safety or leadership in construction.

Having grown up around tradesmen, estimators and fire-protection leaders, one might assume that we would have had a great advantage in education and training in the business. However, this was not the case, as many can likely relate to the feeling that no one really wanted to ‘teach’ the younger generation. Sprinklermatic University was specifically created to break that mold.

 The facilities, although built under the Sprinklermatic brand, are simply a place where men and women can learn, ask questions and be taught. It is a place where the curious can thrive. The facilities are designed for tradespersons, vendors, property managers, engineers and first responders to come together in a safe environment and call on each other, challenge each other and lean on one other to educate, learn and collaborate.

Sprinklermatic University with 5 campuses throughout the state is used for hands-on education and training for the fire-sprinkler industry end users and firefighters with the purpose of giving a general overview and introduction to fire sprinklers and fire-protection systems. The University is unique in that it is the only accredited institution that affords students the ability to operate real equipment and actually flow water in a learning environment to practice their craft. 

Sprinklermatic University is an approved education provider with the Florida State Fire College and the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). The University provides continuing education to firefighters, property managers, and other professional licenses and certifications. Sprinklermatic University is an established fire-protection systems laboratory specifically designed for training and education purposes. The training facilities are instrumental in uniting the fire-sprinkler sector, with end users and fire-service personnel.


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